Our organization is called Redeem-Her. We help women who want help to recover from addiction and
incarceration. The two often go hand-in-hand. The price of addiction is often incarceration. Redeem-
Hers initial goal is to offer a place to begin a new life. Without a place to live, life cannot begin again.
Once in residence at the Redeem-Her house life is focused on recovery; recovery from addiction,
recovery from crime, recovery from homelessness, unemployment and alienation. This is why the
Redeem-House fills such a critical need
The Redeem-Her sober living home is located in Toms River, NJ, in Ocean County. In recent years, Ocean
County has consistently been one of the areas of the state hardest hit by the scourge of opioid addiction
and overdose deaths.
Having just been released from a drug rehabilitation program or a period of incarceration, the women
who seek residence at the Redeem-Her sober living home have no means to support themselves
financially and no job. Their former relationships with family and friends are broken.
Each woman seeking residency at Redeem-Her is interviewed by the other residents. Each prospective
resident must have at least 30 days “clean.” The House operates under strict “House Rules,” developed
and enforced by the residents. Each resident is subject to random urine testing and breathalyzers.
Testing may be done at any time there is an indication that drug use may have occurred. If a resident
tests positive they are asked to leave immediately. The protection of the other residents and their
recovery is of utmost importance.
Each new resident begins with a 30-day probationary period. Assistance is provided is seeking
employment. The women are expected to secure full-time employment within their first two weeks and
attend three NA/AA meetings per week.
Individual progress is measured by tracking “clean” time (abstinence from drugs/alcohol), obtaining
employment, enrolling in medical care/mental health counselling, reunification with family and
restoration of a driver’s license.

If you are in need of transitional housing, please complete the form below. You can also call Redeem-Her at 732-966-3788


Everyone deserves a second chance!

"In November of 2009 I was released from a half-way house in Newark, NJ. I went to a homeless shelter for women in northern NJ for a few months. Things there were very difficult for me support-wise. I made a few bad choices on who I could trust and become involved with. In trying to get out of that situation I became involved with Redeem-Her. They helped me find a safe place to live, caring support for myself and son, and clothing and baby things I needed to provide a safe and loving up-bringing for him. Each and everyone at Redeem-Her has been instrumental in getting my life back on track. Thank you, Redeem-Her."

--Jenn T.

"I will never deny that Redeem-Her saved my life. I was a heroin and Xanax addict who did anything to get my fix including sell my body and basically sell my soul. I went to Redeem-Her straight from prison not knowing what I was in for. I ended up making lifelong friendships and truly learning the meaning of recovery. I now have a beautiful 7 month old daughter and live a life I never thought I was capable of."

--Martha F.

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